Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Do No Co-Sign A Loan

Saw this video -  don't co-sign a loan. 

Agreed 100%. There is a reason the borrower doesn't qualify to borrow the money for the loan.  That reason is, the person will not repay the loan! Hence the need to get a co-borrower.  If you are the co-borrower, just know that you will have to pay the entire thing back. 

Yes? There are exceptions.  Exceptions prove the rule. 

Monday, January 23, 2023

Weekend Towing Fiasco

Last Friday and Saturday, January 20 and 21, Global Vision Bible Church hosted the following event:

According to Pastor Greg Locke in a Facebook video, there were over 3000 tickets sold to the event. Even with recent property acquisitions, the parking lot there holds barely 700 cars, max (ask me how I know). If each car had 2.6 people in it, that means 1100 cars would have needed to park. Based on what I saw, that adds up pretty close. 

The county put out cones along Old Lebanon Dirt Road on Thursday night, as well as signs that parking along the side of the road was prohibited. Residents pulled cars down to the edge of their driveways. They had seen all the parking debacle at the New Year's Day service at GVBC, and they didn't want to repeat the difficulties. 

This past weekend, people parked all over the campus, and then overflowed into neighboring properties and roadways. A couple of enterprising folks with land were charging $20 - $40 for parking. Most were not, and yet, people still parked there. Mt. Juliet police, Wilson County Sheriff's deputies, and local tow companies were out working overtime. A great many parked in my neighborhood along the sides of the road - over half a mile away! 

Online, the anti's went ballistic. They shared all sorts of memes. Their phrases were so predictable, one could have made a bingo card with them. A few of the more entertaining things shared:

My thoughts?
Well, among the more common complaints were that Locke and GVBC ought to have to pay for the police work. I disagree. This was a perfect use of police. When idiots parked in front of people's driveways, that is an appropriate need for the officer. Officers can hit their quotas, and there are no victims as people legitimately needed their cars ticketed and towed. 

Holding Locke responsible for poor parking decisions is disingenuous. That is an individual deciding to not use their brain. It has nothing to do with Locke. 

About the only time in my life I felt police and tow trucks were doing the right thing as they towed cars off. 

Friday, January 20, 2023

Where Are the Attack Police?

From a reader: "So I read that you left Global Vision. What do you think about Pulpit & Pen since you have left?"

Excellent question - worthy of a blog post. 

In prior posts, I referred to Pulpit & Pen as "PP" and stated they were #FakeNews. Those statements still stand, because those statements are fact.

Seth Dunn is their primary source of articles of late. The self-described insufferable autistic accountant continues PP's historical attacks on people of the faith. Not very Christian actions. Occasionally, he writes something with some fact. I would suppose that if you are of a similar opinion, then his writings would be interesting to you. 

JD Hall filed for bankruptcy in 2021. Reason? He badgered and defamed someone, with utter and complete fabrications, got sued for Libel, and could not afford the mounting costs of the suit. This from the same individual who badgered a young person on twitter, leading to the youth committing suicide. Not very Christian-like behavior. Speaking of not being Christ-like, Hall also was charged with DUI, and subsequently removed from his position as pastor, being disqualified for such a position due to his actions. 

Tim Weakley has managed to keep out of the news since his trespassing and disrupting a meeting at Benchmark Church in Oliver Springs, TN. It is unknown if he faced charges for those actions. 

What's left of the "publication" is continuing in its ways. They seem to be but a shell of what they once were; and, if true, that is a good thing. Prior to research for this article, I had not seen anything by them for quite some time. And I didn't miss a thing. 

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Get It Straight

Was watching this video recently, and a point needs to be made. Joshua Fluke, with whom I so frequently agree, makes the statement that SalesForce "fired" 7000+ employees. The fact is, to be very literal, that SalesForce laid off  7000+ employees. 

Although all words are made up, the fact is that language is an agreement upon specific words having specific meaning. When meanings are conflated, or when the same word has multiple, unrelated (or even conflicting) meanings, the word loses its value. And someone who uses words to mean what they do not mean is certainly not an effective communicator. 

Therefore, for the sake of clarity, let's define these words. Yes, it could be argued that these words are HR buzzwords. Nevertheless, it is important to make the distinction. 

Fired: "to terminate an employee's employment" - often with what the employer considers to be "with cause." 

Laid off: "to terminate an employee's employment due to lack of work. The inherent understanding is that the termination is unrelated to the employee's performance. 

Why is it important to make the distinction? Because, when you are interviewing for a new job, you MUST get your verbiage correct!  My brother was laid off from Dell some years back. Although he interviewed a lot, he was not getting calls back. After discussing with him at length, I learned that he was telling people he had been fired from Dell. A quick change of the term he used to "laid off" and he was getting calls back and offers in short order! 

Thursday, January 5, 2023

The Better Toy

For this week's installment of iFails, let's talk about the Zoom app on iPhone and what it cannot do. 

Zoom became a major market force during the "pandemic" as it offered a reasonable platform for communication via internet when people were sheltering inside. This author prefers Teams due to functionality, but Zoom is certainly a fine platform and has been used many times to communicate with persons of all sorts. 

A network outage beyond this author's control forced attendance on a Zoom meeting with a client. As it was one of the first Zoom meetings since being hired by this employer, the name displayed was this author's first initial and last name. When the attempt was made to change the name displayed (usually using the triple dots on a laptop/desktop or on an Android), it was discovered that there were no triple dots. Nor did the iPhone have any other buttons available to mute, unmute, turn camera on/off, or any of the other rudimentary functions the app has. 

A Google search on this author's android yielded many search results. Some said to pull down from the top to access. That just brought up the control screen (which that action usually does). Some search results said pull up from the bottom. That just brought up the primary screen where the apps are accessed. Sometimes, pulling up from the bottom also had the same effect as pulling left to right, and sometimes, pulling down can also have the same effect. Evidently, the iPhone arbitrarily decides what the next screen will be when you swipe in one of the four major directions. 

Nevertheless, it was discovered that the Zoom app simply didn't have these functionalities. Now, extensive Google searching will say that these functionalities exist on the iPhone Zoom app, but personal experience showed that to be a fabrication. Ironically, these buttons were available on the next call. And they were used. But then they went away for a third meeting. No prompts could pull it up. 

You would think such a popular platform would fix these relatively small UX issues. But, this author has noted that most iPhone users have no complaints because they simply don't know that there is better out there. And, funny enough, they think their platform is somehow better. 

This author observed in 2012, and it still holds true to this day:
"The iPhone is better as a toy - for playing games. The other platforms are better for working."

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Firearms and Empty Hands

From a reader - "How do you justify the transition from teaching martial arts into teaching firearms?"
Perhaps this question arose after the reader read this post
Nevertheless, it is a good question, and one I am happy to answer. 

My martial arts background:
  • Started Judo in 1982, but did not attend anywhere near enough. 
  • Started karate in 1985. Discontinued teaching it in 2021. Still practice to this day. 
  • Started jiu-jitsu in 1987. Discontinued teaching it in 2020. Still practice it to this day. 
Needless to say, my Senseis have been very impactful in my life. And it is from them that I draw the inspiration to teach what I teach. John Suarez taught the Wado-Shiho-Kai style of Wado-Ryu. The tenets of that style are Kata, Kihon, Kumite, and Koshin. Most karate styles stop with kata, kihon, and kumite. For clarity:
  • Kata - traditional forms. Prearranged patterns to practice muscle memory. 
  • Kihon - fundamentals. The building blocks of fighting technique.
  • Kumite - sparring. Live practice. Usually against a resisting opponent. 
  • Koshin - self defense study. Also sometimes written as "Goshin." 

A karateka (practitioner) either believes in the effectiveness of these tenets, or does not. It is that simple. I personally believe in learning the fundamentals, building muscle memory of the fundamental movements, practice of likely self-defense scenarios, and live practice. And let's see how that translates to firearms instruction:
  • Kihon - fundamentals - a person must learn the fundamentals of marksmanship, gun handling, malfunction clearing, and presentation. 
  • Kata - a person must practice muscle memory of the fundamentals. Although not as elaborate, there are several gun "kata" a person should practice: the draw, the ready-up (from multiple positions), the "tap-rack," and more. 
  • Koshin - self defense is at the heart of gunfighting. A person needs to practice implementation in realistic situations. This includes adverse conditions, different positions, different positions, and more. 
  • Kumite - sparring. A person should practice safe Force-On-Force. In addition, a person should practice live fire and not just dry fire. Live fire practice should cover the self defense scenarios mentioned above. And a person should practice these with a partner. 
There is a natural connection, and that is how the transition is justified. 

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Cops In Trouble

From a reader: "What are your thoughts on this video?" 

Let's discuss on each topic, as the video has several examples of police getting justice served on them. 

First - Cop Plants Evidence
On the video, this is from time 0:00 - 4:45. The cop is a defendant as he had many charges of planting evidence against him. I was made aware of this cop about 10 months ago or so from the "Audit The Audit" channel video here. Justice was served, but the penalty was too light, IMO. 

Second - Cop Wastes the Court's Time
Time stamp 4:45 - 9:32. The cop clearly feels he is above the law, and must be heard in his entirety. I wonder how many suspects he did not listen to? I'm surprised the judge did not find him in contempt. And I am surprised that he was allowed to face the jail time from the plea bargain. Had you or I done that, we would have had the book thrown at us. 

Third - ADA Gets Spicy
Time stamp 9:33 - 11:45. The State's Deputy Attorney General ("ADA") gets heated, gets asked to leave the courtroom by the Bailiff, and hilarious violence ensues. Again, another person in the "good ol' boys club" feels she is above the law. Again, she pleads guilty to a lesser charge, resulting in only a fine and an anger management class. Again, you or I would have faced felony charges. 

Fourth - Former Sheriff Gets Convicted
Time Stamp 11:45 - 16:13. The former Sheriff stole money and tampering with evidence. He asks for leniency so he can watch his son graduate high school and his daughter get married. The judge doesn't buy his pity plea. He gets sentenced to about the same amount of time you or I would. 

Fifth - DUI Conviction
Time Stamp 16:13 - End of video. Officer never had evidence of DUI, so a Judgement Of Acquittal was granted. Further, because the officer had no evidence, and falsely filed paperwork based on that, the defendant got a charge of driving on a suspended license - which the judge dismissed. The judge was right. The officer needs to be permanently removed from being a peace officer. And the prosecutor needed to be held in contempt. Another jury believes a cop and not the truth. Glad the judge saw through it. 

Conclusion - it's a "good ol' boys club," and you ain't in it! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

They Are Not Experts

This video covers the illegal stopping of an open carry advocate by jack-booted thug "police" officers. While there is a LOT to unpack in that video, the focus of this post is to make a point that is discussed in that video. 

In the video, when the JBT is trying to take the AR15 pistol off of the open-carry advocate's body and unload it, the JBT points the gun at the advocate, as well as at fellow officers. Completely unsafe gun handling. Totally out of line. 

This author has observed as a firearms instructor, that some of the worst gun handling is by current and former police and military. In fact, so much so, that the following statement is true:

Former police and military are usually demonstrate more unsafe firearms handling than untrained civilians. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Thousands of Rounds

Some time back, a person I know put up a Facebook live video. It was unintentionally hilarious. This individual was in the Army National Guard. He was deriding civilian firearms training. This individual had served as an infantryman, an artilleryman, and also in recruiting. He made near constant claims of going to soon join the Army Rangers. He also claimed to actively train with Army Rangers "all the time." 

His rant continued. He said he "shoots thousands of rounds every month." And this was the part that made me laugh out loud! You see, his profession was as a truck driver. These days, the average truck driver in Tennessee earns about $55,000 per year. After taxes, that works out to about $3600 per month take home. He was also divorced and paid child support. According to what he had told me, it was about $900 per month. So, his net earnings were somewhere in the $2700 per month range. Maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less. 

How is this funny? Hang on and stay with me here. 

At current prices (ammo prices were much higher at that time), 1000 rounds of .223 ammo is about $620. That's just 1000 rounds - not "thousands" (plural). Somehow, I seriously doubt that someone spends virtually a quarter of their take home pay on shooting. Particularly someone who is or has been in the military - very few do any appreciable amount of shooting. 

No, this was braggadocio - plain and simple. This individual was grasping at straws, attempting to build "credibility" with regards to firearms skill. 

Saturday, December 24, 2022

TVA Is Cheating The System

Had to get this blog post out immediately, because something is not adding up. 

Today, December 24, 2022, TVA is asking for rolling power outages. They cite "unprecedented usage." 

Meanwhile, I do not believe it for a moment. Why, you ask? Simple - they are a government entity and the government has a horrendous track record with the truth. But this is more than just some "conspiracy theory" (which have all been coming true the last few years). Let's look at some counter-evidence. 

TVA had similar usage this past summer. From the article:

TVA CEO Jeff Lyash said the next two weeks will propel its systems beyond 30,000 megawatts this month – the highest number in over a decade.

"We're at the beginning of a heat wave," Lyash said. "Other systems will falter because they're short on electricity. TVA will not."

Electricity demand surged to its highest-ever capacity of 31,311 megawatts on Monday night, TVA officials said.

Meanwhile, only 62% of Tennesseans use electricity for their heat source. 

It would stand to reason that all usage in the summer (which resulted in one of TVA's top performing years, economically - go look it up at their site) is much higher than in the winter. 

So why would TVA do this?
A wise man once said "follow the money."
If you have your heat turned off for 15 more minutes every hour, then your heater must make up for the lost temperature. This is called "Thermostat Setback" and is a well-documented phenomenon. 

TVA is bilking you and I for more money!

So here are some memes. Use them! 

The meme that was linked to by Steve in the comments: