Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Fact Checkers Are Liars

 A few years back, social media began employing "fact checkers" in an attempt to "reduce false information." Of course, these social media outlets call them "independent fact checkers." 

In reality, these "fact checkers" are liars - Mark Zuckerberg admitted in court that the Facebook "fact checkers" were simply opinions. Additionally, the companies employed as "independent" are typically far-left propaganda outlets - Politifact and USA Today being among the most prolific and most biased at the same time. Independent, they are not!

Last, but not least, these liars intentionally contort and conflate the claims, so as to make it seem "false," when the claim is true. Here is a recent one found on Instagram (owned by Facebook / Meta):

Here, the liars claim this meme is "partly false." Why? Because "no, the Democratic Party did not create the Ku Klux Clan." Not surprisingly, this culprit is Politifact, the worst of them all. Let's dissect Politifact's false claim:

Politifact is correct on a technicality that the Democratic Party did not create the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK was created by a group of Democrat Confederate soldiers, led by Nathan Bedford Forrest (a Democrat, who held office as a Democrat). Here is what History.com (not exactly a Right-wing bastion) has to say on the founding of the KKK:
Founded in 1865, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for Black Americans. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and Black Republican leaders.

Not founded by the Democrat Party, but certainly founded by Democrats to wage war against Republicans. So, Politifact is correct by technicality here. But wrong when it comes to the actuality of the statement, and the spirit of the statement, as we shall see. 

Politifact's false assumption here is a combination of a "Straw Man" and/or an "Equivocation" logical fallacy. The statement in the meme is that Democrats created the KKK. And, as we have seen, that is most certainly true. Politifact Equivocates that into "the Democratic Party created the KKK" when the reality is that the meme directly states "Democrats created the KKK." (And if you wish to call this a straw man argument instead, then I would not argue that point.)

Oddly enough, a quick Google search shows the second major outlet to claim the same statement is USA Today. 

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Another Round


Looks like there is a new push of a new "variant" of the COVID nonsense. Of course, there is also word that this one is being pre planned, and lockdowns are on the horizon, regardless of where the facts may fall. Many friends are showing the "I will not comply" meme, and I am one of those. Since it will be another battle, let me assist in arming you, my friends, with some of my favorite modern COVID memes:

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

More Freedom

This year, the state of Tennessee started issuing Handgun Carry Permits to persons aged 18-20. Previously, a person had to be 21 or older, with a very few exceptions. Here was the timeline:

In March, the State Attorney General came to a settlement agreement in a court case with the Firearms Policy Coalition. The settlement made it legal for persons aged 18-20 to carry permit-less, or obtain an Concealed Handgun Carry Permit or Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit. 

On March 29, Carry Permit schools were notified from the State that the Computer system would be changed by June. 

On June 9, another notification came from the State, indicating the system now allows 18-20 year olds. 

Shortly thereafter, I taught my 18 year-old son the carry permit class. He passed with flying colors. He had his permit in hand before the end of June. I gifted him a carry piece. 

A couple of weeks later, he attended again, this time as moral support for his friends who now wanted to get their permits. (Pictures below)

A few weeks after that, I taught the third straight carry permit class with an 18 year old present (another of my son's friends). 

Freedom rings!

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Red Flag Tennessee

Yesterday, the Tennessee legislature was convened at the behest of Governor Bill Lee. The purpose was to enact Red Flag laws, stemming from the events of the Nashville Shooting. Of course, the shooter in that crime had a manifesto, and it is not being released. There is no doubt that there is a reason the manifesto is not being released. Smart money says the manifesto proves that a red flag law would not have prevented the crime, and would also likely be proof of the problems with the LGBTQ community. 

Why would a so-called Republican governor propose red flag laws? Simple - he is not conservative, nor really Republican. He locked down the state of Tennessee, after all, when he got frightened about people getting sick. It wound up that about 35 more people died than in normal flu seasons, and less severe than 2018 deaths. 

Naturally, the governor is not even calling the red flag laws by name. That is a tactic of the Left® - to rename something to disguise true intent. Governor Lee calls them "order of protection policy." As usual, they have nothing to do with their name. 

Maybe also worth mentioning is that one of the persons who sadly perished in that crime in question, was the friend of the governor's wife. Cue the harpy shrieks of "we have got to do something!"

Those who claim we must do something, never propose the right thing to do. 

Hopefully, shortly after the session convenes later this morning, it will be adjourned. Senator Janice Bowling is supposed to move to adjourn. There are no laws being presented that are Constitutional, or effective. The session forbids laws other than the specified ones to be legislated. Therefore, this is a complete waste of time and money. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

It's Science

Never before in my life have I had an elected representative who matched my personal beliefs so closely. 

Joseph Padilla, Wilson County School Board member for Zone 4 (the zone in which I live) is just that man. He so frequently triggers the #LibNuts that they constantly whine online, make false allegations, and generally have meltdowns at his very existence. Well, if #LibNuts do anything, that's pretty much what they do. 

Speaking of false allegations, Padilla suggested a policy to the school board recently that would make sure a student's parent(s) be notified if the student discloses to school officials that they are or feel they may be transgender. Of course, the Left® suggests this proposal was "out" the LGBTQ students. This clear falsehood was to be expected. The reality is much more bleak - not for Padilla, but for the students he works so hard to protect. 

The Science
Transgenderism is clearly associated with substantial increases in mental illness, according to the WHO, and virtually every major medical research institution which has performed research on the issue.  

Yes, prevention of people from placing undue burdens on transgender persons is the right thing to do. And, it is illogical and cruel to ignore the demonstrable association with depression, substance misuse, eating disorders, and suicide attempts. Transgender persons are clearly more likely to need help. 

Schools already warn parent of other dangerous or potentially dangerous situations. It is only logical to add this one, as well. Padilla's proposal was the only kind thing to do, and the #LibNuts (again) clearly do not care for our at-risk use, except to use them as political pawns to push their Liberal agendas. 

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Misleading Article

Let's see how many they get right or wrong:

1. Women Are Too Emotional To Be in Positions of Power
This one is absolutely true. While there is the occasional outlier, the vast majority of women are not geared to be good leaders because they are too emotional. The ones that are the most under control still fall well short of the top 25% of men. 

2. Women Always Want Children
Again, there are some outliers, but this is also very true by and large. Only about 15% of women remain childless into menopause. 

3. Women Are Naturally Better at Nurturing and Caregiving
Again, there are outliers, but this one is also true for the most part. 

4. Women Are Less Intelligent Than Men
This one is the key point. The article mentions only IQ - intelligence quotient. Since there are 9 types of intelligence, we must measure all 9. Women may be roughly equal to men in IQ, but women generally lag way behind men in linguistic intelligence, mathematical intelligence, logic, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal communication. 

Want proof? It can be summed up in one word: "Fine!"

5. Women Dress To Impress Men
This one is funny - because it takes #4 into account. Women dress to impress men in their minds, yet can perfectly articulate that they want to make sure other women do not think less of them because of what they wear. Can you say lack of linguistic, emotional, and interpersonal communication intelligence? 

6. Women Are Bad Drivers
This one is funny because the article falls over itself to try to dance around the fact. Women are worse drivers than men on a mile driven by mile driven basis. Insurance companies have known this and charged for it for over a decade. 

7. Women Are Always in Competition With Each Other
Again, not at all a myth - totally true. Here, we must analyze what women say and what they do. Again, it is a failure of women's emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication. 

8. Women Are Always Looking for a Husband
Clearly this article was written by a woman, because of the continued use of words like "all," "always," and such. Most women are on the lookout for a husband, or some sort of stand-in. 

9. Women Cannot Handle Tough Jobs
  • Bricklayers
  • Heavy machine mechanics
  • Heavy machine operators
  • Auto body repairmen
  • Electrical power line installers
The reverse is true, too. How many men are Kindergarten teachers? 

10. Women Are Only Interested in Fashion and Beauty
Again with the poor wording to try to make a point. When one intentionally mis-words statements to make a point, they wind up making the point opposite of what they want. This should read: "Only women are interested in fashion and beauty." Then, it would be about right. 

Friday, June 23, 2023

Patriot Training Special

Tomorrow, June 24, 2023, is the first anniversary of Life Day - the celebration of the Dobbs v Jackson Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v Wade.

Because the underlying purpose of Patriot Training is to DEFEND INNOCENT LIFE, we will be celebrating with a 1-day sale. 50% off live fire classes when you use the discount code "prolife." For those that use Venmo, CashApp, and PayPal, make sure to mention the class and do the math!
Venmo - @PatriotTraining (last 4 are 8939)
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* Discount is offered for ONE DAY only - June 24 only.
* Discount applies to group classes only, and does NOT apply to the semi-private classes

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

To Rent or Not

This is not a repo story, but it is directly related to daily car rental. The difference between debit and credit cards. For many Car Rental employees, this is the bane of their existence. Why? Because of the strife that comes from stupid people with their debit cards. 

In car rental, most rental agencies require a renter to provide a Driver's License and a form of payment in order to rent. The Driver's License is obvious - the law in all 50 states requires a driver to be licensed. The preferred form of payment for most rental agencies is a credit card. Some 20 years ago or so, when many banks started issuing check cards with the VISA or Mastercard logo on it, a new problem arose. 

The Reason
The reasons for a car rental agency to use a credit card are numerous:
  • :Liquid" funds - when the rental needs to be extended, a credit card can be run again. Cash would simply run out. 
  • A person with good credit is far less likely to wreck a rental car. 
  • A person with good credit is far less likely to keep a rental too long and wind up owing money. 
  • A credit card number can be stored, and the card run for additional charges, should the rental go longer than originally anticipated. (over 75% of rentals went longer than anticipated, from my observations)
  • A person with good credit and a credit card is more likely to be stable in residence history, and less likely to convert (steal) the rental car. A person putting down cash has just given you a few hundred dollars in exchange for a $25K+ car. 
  • And more... 
The Root of the Problem
A debit card (formerly called a check card) is tied to a bank account. While some bank accounts require a person to have a minimum credit score, not all do, and those that do have lower thresholds. 
  • The average checking account in the US has $4000 in it. The average credit line is nearly $10,000 per card. 
  • A person with a debit card and no credit card would be lucky to have $200 in their account at any given time. 
  • A debit card is no measure of credit, but a person with a debit card and no credit card has a credit score that is under 620 over 90% of the time. 
  • People that have a debit card and no credit card are not intelligent enough to understand these things. 
The Problem
So, even though the car rental company explains the difference at every point of contact, and because their card processing computers can tell the difference between a credit card BIN (first six digits, which is used to identify the bank and type of card) and a check card BIN; the people who wish to rent a car and have a debit card but no credit card simply do not possess the intelligence to understand any of these things. And because of that same lack of intelligence, they are not good candidates for renting, as they will certainly not take care of the rented vehicle; nor would they keep the terms of the rental agreement and pay the agreed amount. 

The Solution
The solution is self-evident. This requirement is a good tool to weed out people who really do not need to rent a car. And if a person follows advice like that of Dave Ramsey, and has no credit cards - it is an indicator of a complete lack of self control. And that, too, is a sign that the person is not a good candidate to rent a car. 

Monday, June 19, 2023

Unpopular Opinion

Yesterday was Father's Day. I received many well-wishes and sent a few, as well.  

Unpopular opinion here. 

Single moms are NOT fathers. 
Pet owners are not fathers. 
A father in the home is a better predictor of a child's success later in life than anything. With only a slight advantage to a two-parent home

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Already There

There is good news for Kristen here:

1. Background checks are already the law. 
Now, there are no background checks mandated on a private transaction face-to-face. That would be unenforceable. Also, no background check must be passed prior to a thief stealing a gun. That, too, would be impossible to enforce. And the majority of "gun-crimes" are committed by persons who illegally obtained (i.e. - STOLE) the gun. 

2. Women already have full reproductive rights. 
Presuming a woman is capable of having a child, no law in the US prevents her from having one. Presuming a woman does not want to have a child, she has many methods of birth control from which to choose, including abstinence. Now, because the SCOTUS decision in Dobbs v Jackson, each state controls whether and to what extent abortion - the killing of an unborn child - is legal. Of course, abortion is not a reproductive right, nor is it health care

3. We already have a ban on state-mandated religion (It's the 1st Amendment). 
Now, this is not the famous Left-wing "freedom from religion" concept - but that is not "separation of church and state." Of course, even the phrase "separation of church and state" is completely absent from the Constitution. Also, it is important to realize that those who read this and scream about "shoving religion down their throat" are also the ones who follow religious persons or entities online and bitch and moan about the "shoving it down their throat" - despite following the entity on purpose! 

So, if Kristen's statistics are to be believed, then the majority of the US already approves of the way things are currently! (I'm certain that is not what Kristen wants to hear, though.)