Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The Price and the Value

Because the internet is forever®.
And because this has been posted about before. 

Let's review this passive-aggressive post and evaluate for accuracy. 

  • Since 2016, Patriot Training has had over 1000 paying students walk through the doors. 
  • In 2022, just over half of all paying attendees have been Alumni (had a live fire class with Patriot Training)
  • Over 200 paying students have taken life-saving medical classes. 
  • Prices for classes have been increased every year. 
  • Attendance has increased every year, with the exception of 2022 (unknown, as the year is not yet complete - but trending to be slightly less than 2021). 
  • Over 70 military veterans have attended classes. All but one has attended again. 
  • Over 50 current or former LEO have attended classes. All but three have attended again. 
  • 46 Facebook reviews - 45 of which are 5-star reviews. The lone negative review is from an individual who has never and will never attend a Patriot Training class. 
  • 22 Google reviews. All 22 are 5-star reviews. 
  • 19 Students have taken the Patriot Training Instructor Class. All but six have helped with a class. 
  • Patriot Training Alumni are undefeated in life threatening situations. 
  • "This material is more difficult, but also better explained and therefore more achievable and repeatable than a comparable class I took six weeks ago from a Military vet and SWAT team veteran." - A participant who took a long-range class with Patriot Training. 

Does Patriot Training provide value? 
Most assuredly, and you do not have to take the owner's word on that. 
So why have this post? Why address the hater? 
Because having haters is proof that Patriot Training is doing the right things!


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