Thursday, April 6, 2023

Misleading Slogans

New Label: "Misleading Slogans"

Some years back, this author read a book, and there was a line in the book that was very poignant. "It is a slogan, and is misleading, as all slogans are." The irony is the statement is, itself, a slogan of sorts. Nevertheless, it is true. 

As an example, this blog has an article from 2013 on whether to cross the feet when applying an arm bar. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ("BJJ") circles, there exists a slogan, "don't cross the feet!" The article from this blog goes into detail about why that slogan exists, and how it can be faulty. 

As research was being done for future blog articles, it became painfully clear that many "known truths" in our society are deeply flawed. Since so many of these had slogans attached, the need for this new label became evident. 

Some of the misleading slogans being worked on for future blog entries:
  • Women communicate better than men. 
  • Police / Military have a corner on firearms training. 
  • Liberals are more compassionate than conservatives.
  • And more... 

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