Thursday, November 17, 2022

iFails 3

This is a documentation of iPhone failures. 

As I near my upper 40's,  my arms are "getting shorter." Admittedly, I have had to increase the size of the font on my phone so as to be able to read texts, etc. 

On a recent business trip, I was having great difficulty adjusting the size of the font on the company iPhone. A well-meaning coworker grabbed the phone and fumbled around for a few moments, eventually making the font larger. 

It was too large - and I didn't know how to make the adjustment myself, so I went to work, figuring it out. The coworker gave a few simple directions, and left a lot of the rest to be desired. Through a combination that cannot be recalled, the font became so large that I could only see a part of the screen at any given time. A few moments of fumbling on my part and the coworker again grabbed the phone. This time, the coworker couldn't get it to decrease in size, either! 

The main problem was that since only part of the normal screen could be seen, tracking to the other side was ineffective, because the option to select was in the middle, and could not be activated. 

Eventually, the phone had to be reset. 

It would be unwise to select a phone that can even do something like this. A total lack of testing and quality control and assurance. 


  1. 1. settings | accessibility | display & text size | larger text | move the slider

    2. the mega zoom sounds like you have zoom enabled. it's located nearby at settings | accessibility | zoom. the triple-finger double-tap is deadly.... :lol:

    1. Thank you for the suggestions. With all due respect, you seem to be wishing to solve the problem. I am documenting failures, not reaching out asking for solutions. That said:

      1. Sometimes, that works. Not every time. On my Samsung Galaxy A51 and similar, I use two fingers on the screen and drag apart. Much simpler. And it almost always works like that.

      2. I did find reference on Google to "triple finger double tap." However, at no time did I touch the screen with more than two fingers. Perhaps this is another fail I was unaware of. Thank you for calling out the stupidity that is Apple. And the question still remains - how did this "feature" ever make it out of UAT, much less QA testing???


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