Monday, June 20, 2022


Milestones - June 20, 2022.

* Today, my mother would have been 80. She died almost 10 years ago.

* Generation X was the first generation to not enter the workforce and quickly out-earn their parents.  At the age of 46, I am firmly in the middle of Gen X. This statement most surely applies to me.

As of today, I am (finally) earning more with one job than my father did when he retired in 2003.

For years, I have eclipsed my father's 2003 earnings - but it has required two jobs to do so.  More notes on this:

- Working at the same place is the worst way to increase your income. 

- In sales, you *can* earn a lot... but most people do not.  Most top performers do not.  A very very few actually do. 

- Sales is a great way to lose your job. Without reason (or for a bogus reason)

- My lifetime sales record: 140% of quota. 

- Now transitioning out of sales. Making way more money in so doing. 

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