Thursday, January 13, 2022

Training Tips

This was shared on social media and it was so good, I wanted to save it here. 


Training tips

Understand training is expensive. 
Plan on spending 3X the cost of the class in total for the training.

Look for classes that cover topics that you are wanting to learn about or get better at.

You are going to have to travel, just expect that it's going to be a ways away from where you live.

Bring good equipment to all training. 
You don't want to be fighting equipment issues while trying to learn. 
Yes....good stuff costs money.

Don't forget a ton of learning takes place during breaks and after class talking with other students. 
Don't miss out on all the informal passing of information.

Listen to what the instructor tells you and try it. 
There is no reason to try and show everyone how awesome you are during a class. 
Plus you are not learning what you paid for.

If you have a question....ask. 
If you don't understand... ask. 
If you have a story....keep that shit to yourself. 
The other students did not pay to hear about you.

Take notes... always take notes. 
At the end of the day write up a review of the day. 
It helps you remember and gives you a chance on day 2,3,4,5 to get anything cleared up that you may have questions about.

At the end of a class a written AAR can help you remember what you have learned. 
A good way to write up an AAR is broken into sections... introduction, equipment, basic outline of class, lessons learned, problems encountered, summary of the class and experience. 
The sections I find the best are lessons learned and problems.


Good stuff. Thoughts? 

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