Tuesday, January 11, 2022

There's a Name For It

Wearing a mask. 
Taking the jab. 

Any number of other things that we know do not work. And we (people like me) have been pointing out that they do not work. And we have questioned "new solutions" every time one is proposed. And we have been labeled as "conspiracy theorists" even though the "theories" became widely accepted truth within a matter of months. And we have not been wrong on any of it. 

Cue the meme:

So this author has been wondering if there is a name for the mass brainwashing of the American people (and people around the world, to be fair)? Evidently, there is! It is called "mass formation psychosis."

From the link, there are four variables that combine to create the monster of mass formation psychosis:
1. The lack of a social bond.
2. Free-floating anxiety
3. A feeling of not having any purpose
4. People who are confused and can’t make sense of anything around them

Wow! We have these problems in abundance!
What do you think?


  1. Due to the constant media outrage they hope the most people will only remember the drumbeat of "conspiracy". The media will never emphasize the reality that eventually emerges.

  2. We need to nail the most visible ones with better nicknames, so it sticks like glue ala "Lyin Ted". How about Genocide Geno for the fauc??

  3. YES! I agree completely with this problem.
    I have been looking at it a little differently, but still think I'm reacting to the same problem or thing going on.
    Is there *anyone* out there who will "break their programming" and say "The emperor has no clothes"?

    I work in the medical field. I get it, that you can't be an expert in every field and that normally, you defer to "the experts" in an area until you can gather more information. But eventually it comes down to, who do you believe, me or your lying eyes?
    Part of "the programming", kind of like what people/victims in The Matrix movie were subjected to, includes
    - you must get the vacc to protect against the rona
    - you must wear a mask because

    Two years into it, it perturbs me that so few people have looked for themselves to see if this programming even makes sense.
    Working in the medical field, doctors and the like think of themselves as scientists. 20 years after getting my terminal degree, doing research and clinical work, I have to say BS to that. Most of them are followers, in my experience. The vacc doesn't work, doesn't provide immunity except to Pfizer/Moderna, might kill you or mess you up, etc.
    Acknowledging that terrifies them because if The Programming is wrong, what else is wrong that they don't know about?

    related to that and not to go down a rabbit hole, but... in the theme of each of us keeping our eyes/ears open. The official VAERS adverse event rate for the vacc is really low, something like one in 50,000 or something.
    Even in the press, there are reports that this figure under-reports the actual adverse effect rate by as much as a factor of 20.
    Anyway, keeping my eyes and ears open, here's some info I've collected *for myself personally*. These are either people I know personally, or are 1 degree separated (ie a friend of a friend or a relative of a friend)
    - one cousin who has been hit with pericarditis/myocarditis since getting the 2nd vacc shot
    - one 18 yo stepson of a guy I know, who had a frickin' heart attack after getting the 2nd shot
    - one friend of a friend, who's had several strokes since getting the 2nd shot.

    You can tell me whatever VAERS says, but if the adverse reaction rate was 1 in 50k, I would not know three people hit with not just side effects but severe side effects.

    Never mind that "they" openly admit now that the vacc won't keep you from getting the rona, and it won't prevent you from spreading it.

    Keep your eyes and ears open, and decide for yourself. Don't let The Programming tell you what to do!
    Sorry for sounding perhaps a little out there, but thinking for yourself transcends it all to me.
    Same principle applies to selecting tactical/medical/whatever training too, we should aspire to be Rational.

  4. (same commenter as previous)
    I had an unexpected but treasured un-provoked conversation in this vein with someone yesterday (a contractor we deal with).
    We don't discuss politics at work and I know from other info the contractor I was talking with is a lib, but that's fine since he's been professional and hasn't introduced this into our work discussions.
    We were rescheduling a service visit and somehow "the rona" came up in the conversation, for whatever reason.
    Unbidden, this lib told me "I don't want to get political, but you know, if this rona thing were real like they say, I'd know someone who'd died of it or got really sick from it. Two years in, and I don't know anyone."

    I don't look at being rational as a left or a right thing, it means being able to discern truth (and BS) when you hear it. It also means if you make a mistake (haven't we all been taken in by something at least once or twice?) that when you realize it, no time like the present to correct it. Don't pretend.

    The tactical training world needs more rational. It's out there, but in varying degrees. Part of the journey is to identify trainers who seem to be sensible. I agree totally about the importance of continuing education/training. Every 'real' trainer I know of does it and assigns it that same importance. It only makes sense, if your priorities as a trainer are where they should be.


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