Thursday, November 18, 2021

Gun Community Misinformation

 From a reader: 
"Geez where are these people coming from how do you attract so many winners?"

Specifically, he references the yahoos I get on this blog, my training page, and other outlets. Lots of the yahoos comment on FB ads, and there are a handful of comments in other areas, as well. Generally speaking, the yahoo comments can be divided up into several broad categories, based on what motivates the yahoo to comment. Also, there are one-offs that do not seem to fall into these broad categories. 

The internet expert examples:
"So you have to have this class to get a carry permit?" (on a handgun carry permit ad)
"Well, I'm going to have to check that out, not sure I believe that."

"Google the legal stuff. Shoot with an experienced friend. Costs a lot less."

"... therefore, all others honor both is specifically implied." Said one who felt we were wrong about which states honor the Enhanced and the Concealed Permits in Tennessee. 

Tinfoil Hat Types
A number of these - mostly Boomers - over the years. Most suggest that taking a class will get your name put on some sort of list. Some suggest that the classes are full of federal plants. It is my theory that these folks wish they could take the class, but either finances or age prevents that from happening. 

Military Elitists
Fully 20% of the yahoo comments we get are military elitists that are taking offense to civilians learning military-ish tactics. Others get really picky about seeing something or not seeing something in a picture or a video clip - without any context of a drill or anything.  Putting the INFANT  in INFANTry since 1776. 

Triggered leftists
As part of an effective advertising strategy, we target folks who follow Donald Trump and similar on FB. A number of these are leftists... because he is, of course, their daddy. Fully 20% of the yahoo comments we get, come from this category. Tying it with the Military elitist INFANTry snowflakes for largest single source of yahoo comments. 

Boomers Being Boomers or Trying to Counter-Advertise
Sometimes, they own or work at another training company. Sometimes, they simply took their carry permit class there. Sometimes, there is no rhyme or reason... they are Boomers, after all. Over 10% of yahoo comments come from this category. 

General Stupidity
From NRA hate, to simply foolish comments, all sorts of general stupidity make up the bulk of the rest. As it cannot be narrowed down, the is the big catch-all pot for yahoo comments. Because they do not follow a specific format, I'm not willing to call it the largest category. Nevertheless, the gun community has a wealth of misinformation. 

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  1. Gee. What made you think that you were exempt from the general BS? I think you are expected to explain what and why. A "class" is required, not necessarily "your" class. Explain! Explain, again with different words. If needed hire someone who can explain "Mo Betta". [That is Hawaiian for "more effectively", or something.] Yeah, there are idiots and competitors all over. Explain, don't "whine". You might just reach a "Leftie" who doesn't have a clue.


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