Wednesday, October 6, 2021

What Not To Do

 Posted by a friend on social media:
"Random thought:
As you climb the ladder you have to get really good at NOT doing things.
I know it’s crazy. For years I always worked on the “to-do” list.
Today I have a “not to-do” list. I’m serious. I have a written list that I look at every single day of things that I WILL NOT DO.
I have noticed as I have climbed the ladder that more people want to sell me more stuff. They want more appointments with me. More of my time. More comments on Facebook. More of…. Everything
I have to screen ALL calls. Limit interaction. Delegate authority to my team and allow them to act on my behalf.
I’m as proud of the things I don’t do as the things I do!!"

He is correct in every aspect. There are some things that are simply not worth my time. Everyone also thinks that just because they have an idea or need, that it is worth some of your time - and it simply isn't. 

When I was a manager in corporate America, everyone thought they needed to speak to me. Yet I would empower my reports to make these decisions, and I would implore them to make them. Sometimes they would - and these reports did well for themselves. Sometimes, some reports would absolutely refuse to make a decision - and they never got ahead. 

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