Monday, August 30, 2021

Strange Way of Looking at Things

Some time back, when speaking with an acquaintance, it was mentioned that this author had a strange way of looking at something. 

The specific in question here was regarding human interaction. This author stated that it is inadvisable to enter into any sort of interaction where the best possible outcome is a "break-even." To be certain, the acquaintance was 100% accurate on a technicality - not many people look at interactions this way; therefore, the point of view is "strange" by every sense of the word. Definition of strange:
1. unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand.
2. not previously visited, seen, or encountered; unfamiliar or alien

To expand further on this point of view, one must understand the underlying premise. It has been said that all things can be classified as either assets or liabilities. And while many would argue that reality is more nuanced than that, and that circumstances will dictate the standing of something as either an asset or liability; the fact is that most things can be easily and readily classified as either at a given point in time. Among the things that can be classified as assets or liabilities are interactions with other people. 

Many interactions have the possibility of gain, loss, or neither ("break-even"). For example, if a person speaks with a loved one, that would generally be a gain for both. Similarly, if a person gets assaulted, that is clearly not usually an improvement in life, and would be a loss. 

Looking at the entirety of possible human interactions using this simple scale, and applying logic, one understands quickly that any interaction can be classified as an asset ("gain") or liability ("loss"). There also exists the possibility that an interaction may result in neither ("break-even"). 

If, when analyzing an interaction, one determines that the best possible outcome is a "break-even" (ie - you are not subjected to a loss, but there is no possibility of a gain), then it is only logical to want to avoid such an interaction. Particularly if the interaction has any level of possibility of loss. 

Advice: Don't enter into any interaction where the best possible outcome is a break-even.

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